Robot System Products (RSP)

Did you know that Robot Spares has been representing the global leader in robot peripheral products, Robot System Products (RSP) since 2014
Also, that cables are thought to be the number 1 reasons that robots fail, especially installa-tions that have a lot of movements.
After a Management buyout from ABB in 2003, RSP have gone on to develop the best quali-ty and value tool systems and hose packs on the market.
It’s even better now, as RSP have released an “add in” for ABB’s Robot Studio simulation package. It allows you to import a robot with full RSP Tool Packages into your simulation, which not only shows up potential problems, but gives you the RSP way to solve it.
This can save the integrator lots of programming hours, and using an integrated pack also saves lots of hours dressing the robot in real life.
We offer the full range, from Tool changers and Swivel Tool Changers, to hose packages, tool systems and their unique CiRo flexible cable system.

Check out this video for more info on the robot Studio.

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