Message from Per

So, 2020’s coming to an end. I’m sure we agree that it can’t come soon enough and wish that 2021 is so much better. We hope that all of you, your families, co-workers, friends, and your business’ have come through safely.

Mik and I, and the Robot Spares team, have been really busy supporting industry in 2020 and you’ve given us the most variety we’ve had since we started in 2012.

Early in the year we needed to quickly find a way to ensure we could get fast delivery of refurbished parts from Sweden so that we could keep up. This was soon sorted out by Gail and Mik.

We’ve seen an increase in demand for our hose-pack and tool systems from RSP, as well as a lot of companies taking advantage in the slowdown to book in essential maintenance of their robots.

We’ve developed  a NEW cost-effective way for companies to have a robot quickly, for short term things like proof-of-concept or plugging a gap while they wait for the delivery of their new robots. Called “Robots as a Service”, you’ll hear a lot more about this in 2021.

We improved our stock control, upgraded our office, have more used robots and spare parts on hand than ever, so while it’s been crazy, some good to come out of 2020.

I’m happy to see optimism in local manufacturing, and also how many people and companies have gone out of their way to help others in tough times. Hard times bring out the best in people.

Have a safe Christmas that many of us will appreciate like never before.


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