Uptime is as much about the right spare part as it is speed of getting the replacement.

We’ve seen too many small and medium companies come to us, telling us that they bought the “right” part off one of the popular online sales platforms, only to find that its didn’t fit, was from the wrong model or simply doesn’t work.

It’s worse when we get to site, and they give us this “right” part and we have to give them the bad news while their production is down.

Robot Spares is all about getting you up and running as quickly as possible, and we don’t disagree that the world of online buying is great and we fully support it, but we also believe you should do it through a specialist company that will take you through a series of questions about your robot first, and once the question is qualified, then the actual right part can be supplied.

Used obsolete parts are abundant on the Internet and often come with an option for express delivery. The price might be cheap, and sellers even sometimes offer a warranty. At first glance, it seems like a great deal. But the onus to select the right part is on you and often you not only lose more production, but the cost of the part as well

When buying used you don’t really know the conditions of the item. How long has the part been used for, and how intensely? If it has it been maintained?

Then there are the used robots. We’ve seen people spend good money on used robots and then they try and buy that missing part, from the teach pendant to a control board only to find that they are no longer available or will cost more than they paid for the robot. They’ve lost time and their money, and sometimes go away never to automate again.

Just like parts, if you need used robots, you should use a company like Robot Spares to make sure you get a robot that works, that you know the history of, and is suitable for what you want to do.

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