When time really matters.

They say that time somehow moves slower in the regional areas. Well, that’s not true for one of Robot Spares newest customer, who is a producer in beautiful Kyabram, central Victoria, about 200km from Melbourne.

Like many companies in regional areas, they are a pretty self-sufficient outfit, but everyone needs a little help sometimes.

We received a phone call from them late in 2020, their production was down and they urgently needed an I/O card for their ABB Robot to replace one they thought was faulty. We had one in stock and the planets aligned in their favour because their Financial Director was in Melbourne on other business, so he was in a position to pick up the part and take it back with him on the same day.

By 7pm that evening, they had replaced the card, and unfortunately, determined that the card was not faulty as suspected, and they would appreciate onsite support.

Per and Ash organised to be on site early the next morning and diagnosed that the problem was actually, with the I/O signals in the PLC and not the robot, so the problem was resolved, and they quickly got back into production.

We gladly took the I/O board back into our stock and sorted out the required paperwork after returning to Melbourne.

Early in 2021, we returned to site to carry our preventative maintenance for them.

At Robot Spares, we pride ourselves on customer service, it is one of the reasons Robot Spares exists. We’ve got nearly 100 years of collective experience in robotics, and have lots of spares in stock, including complete robots, we also represent Global Robot Parts (Spare parts for your ABB industrial robots | Global Robot Parts) Swedish company for refurbished parts, normally delivered to Australia within 5 days.

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