Is your Robot System working in a tough environment?  Do you want to insure your manufacturing from potential failure? Try Evotec™ Protective Covers

Maximise your investment’s value against the wear and tear your machines’ face from constant operation. Contact us about Evotec™ covers engineered to defend against extreme conditions such as Dust, High-Temperatures, Abrasives, Molten Metal Splashes, Liquids, Chemicals and more! Custom made for your project’s specific work environment, available for all models and brands such as KUKA, MOTOMAN, FANUC and ABB. Save potentially thousands of dollars in production downtime costs, replacement parts, and urgent unscheduled breakdown maintenance costs.

Decide when your Robot takes a break   

Available in the following models:

  • EVO_Heat: For Radiant heat, Molten metal splashes, Hot steam & Vapour
  • EVO_Blast: For Shot blasting, Metal skimming & Abrasives
  • EVO_Dust: For Fine dust and powder, Moisture & Chemicals
  • EVO_Coat: For Painting, Varnishing, Coating, Gluing, Resin & PU Spraying
  • EVO_Pure: For processes that require a High level of Cleanliness

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Evotec Protective Cover