Omil Factory in Italy

The company was founded in 1963 and has since become a benchmark for automation and robot components.

Our wide range of products allow us to operate on the market of machine tools,assembly machines, transfer machines, gantry-robots and, in general, in the mechanic and electromechanical industry.

OMIL is fully committed and has always aimed at supplying high quality products and providing the best possible service and is always looking for opportunities to improve.


  • Pneumatic Gripper
  • Gripper Swivel Unit
  • Rotary Actuator
  • Linear Axis
  • Self- Centring Vise
  • Self- Centring Chuck
  • Pneumatic Tombstone
  • Accessories
  • Custom Clamping Solutions

Gripping-Systems Catalogue

Stationary-Clamping-Systems Catalogue

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