Robots as a Service provides cashflow friendly fully maintained robots for short or long term projects.

Your project could be concept testing, or equipment trialling while you are waiting on the delivery of your new robot, or to overcome a limited time upturn in your productivity.


We have access to many used robot systems such as ABB robotic welding cells or palletising systems.

If we don’t have it in stock, we have many avenues to assist you finding the complete system.

ABB Robots

We have stocks of used robots of various sizes such as IRB140, IRB260’s the bigger IRB6400’s and even IRB640 palletising robots and we are always in contact with manufacturers who let us know they are looking to retire one or more of their robots.

Our used robots are available “as is” or all the way up to fully reconditioned.

We also buy used robots. If you are looking to sell we would like to hear from you, or can offer our popular consignment sales process.

Other Brands

As Australia’s best-known source of used robots, we are regularly contacted by companies looking to sell other brands.

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