Do you require handling of multiple tools while eliminating concerns about loose cabling? Then we have the product for you!

Robot System Products swivels with tool changers unite the best out of two technologies. With the TrueConnect™ tool changing mechanism integrated with our swivel technology, absolute positioning repeatability and large tolerances at docking is combined with full motional freedom of your robots – axis 6 is allowed to rotate freely without being limited by hoses, cables or other obstacles. Low weight, high corrosion resistance and a minimum of service requirements will maximize uptime and consequently enhance your productivity in all applications involving substantial robot motions.
•  Fast docking with high tolerance
•  Absolute positioning repeatability
•  Free rotation axis 6
•  No limits to axis 4 and 5 when used with RSP hose packages
•  Low weight and high corrosion resistance
•  Low maintenance and high uptime