From our network of suppliers and clients, both locally and overseas, Robot Spares are able to source and supply second hand robots to suit your needs for both sale and lease. We are also interested in buying used robots. 

We have many robots in stock , just some are featured below.

IRB2400 M2004 IRC5

24-52196 plus Rotator

MODEL                               CAPACITY                                      RUN HOURS                                          PRICE INCL GST EXW

IRB2400 IRC5                             16kg                                      >7,000HRS                                               $TBA

INTEC Polishing Cell

IRB6600 M2007 IRC5

MODEL                               CAPACITY                                   RUN HOURS                                              PRICE EX GST EXW

IRB6600 IRC5                         175kg                                     <22000HRS                                                         $100,000

      We buy used robots